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Besta Apparels was established with a single mission to make a garment apparel buying company that will be seen as one of the leaders in its field for its various services. We knew from very early on that to cater to our buyers not only the management needed to have good knowledge of business but also have the supporting staff and facilities that fulfill the requirements of this business.

To achieve the endeavor and to cater to our valued customers in the best possible way, we have through out the time have hired experienced staff and invested in infrastructures such as in house sampling, testing laboratories, design and development team, and an unique in house interactive IT solution that provides us and the buyers to be on top of all matters, such as sample development, costing, production, inspection etc.

Our business have seen since our existence a growth of 60% year and year out in business volume. We credit this achievement to our staff, buyers, and the vendors who have understood our need and the vision of the company.

We have always believed in establishing a motto that will not only give a clear picture of who we are to our selves and also to our external associates. We have come to realize that what makes us grow in the way we are developing is how we feel about the industry. On basis of this we have coined a slogan that speaks of our thought, and that is "FASHION IS OUR PASSION"

Management Team

Our commitment is to deliver continuous growth for the highest moral, ethical and legal standards we set for the greater benefit of the industry and community.

Mohammad Habibur Rahman (Titu)

CEO & Managing Partner
Email: titu@bestaapparels.com


Our business concept is to give the customer unconquerable value by offering fashion and quality at its best through our design and technology department that creates timely collections.

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